Resin Bound Permeable Surfacing For Drives

Our aggregate and resin surface is a great pick for your drive, and it will end up looking truly fantastic. It’s very durable as well as non-slippery, porous and doesn’t need a lot of upkeep. You can get it in many different colours, as well as hybrid recycled systems.

Also, our superior quality resin-bound surfaces are all compliant with the Sustainable Drainage System (SuDS) and may be installed over cement, as well as asphalt, and flexi-path, plus other kinds of surfaces. We love to help our clients here at Middlesbrough Drives.

What is Resin Bound Surfacing?

Resin bound surfacing involve blending specifically-created graded kiln-dried aggregate together with a UV stable 2-part binding resin, which means each stone is completely coated. Plus it meets the industry guidelines in effect now. This blend is then put down via hand overtop an appropriate sub-base or an existing surface that’s structurally sound like concrete or asphalt. 

That results in a smooth, non-slippery, strong and permeable surface. Thus it’s a great pick for customers, who want a smooth and practical alternate choice to using asphalt surfacing. These resin bound surfaces are appropriate for several kinds of applications, from paths to drives or access roads. They serve all sorts of industries no matter if it’s a public space or a historic site and everything in-between. We do both big domestic drives to huge commercial jobs. 

Completely compliant with SuDS 

Resin bound surfaces are porous so once put in overtop an appropriate sub base like no-fines concrete or open-textured asphalt. They let moisture naturally drain off and it soaks into the ground instead of remaining on that surface. That means if we install you a resin bound surface like this, it limits the demands on a drainage system because it reduces the water run-off. 

And, since there’s no standing water, these SUDS-agreeable resin bound surfaces reduce accident risk that is due to people slipping or any aquaplaning taking place.

If you are interested in getting this type of surfacing installed or having some additional SuDS-compliant actions taken for your company or as a part of a job, please take a gander at the groundworks services we provide to find out the ways we can assist you. 

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Why select a Resin Bound Surface?

The appearance of these surfaces are decorative, smooth, as well as consistent. 

All the resin bound surfaces we install are done by hand or if a huge job, it’s power floated and we ensure the surface is smooth and even. The mixture of this professional installation method, as well as the seamless finish and the neat edges mean resin bound surfaces look up-to-date and extremely professional, as well as being perfect for your job or business.

Low Upkeep

Resin bound surfaces merely require sporadic cleansing and are robust enough to bear up to light pressure washing. And, since every bit of the aggregate is secured in place, these surfaces can’t move around and must be replaced or topped up.

Slip Resistance – No Standing Water 

When it gets installed overtop a porous surface or laid onto a fall, these resin bound surfaces are completely permeable as well as let water filter through it into the ground instead of gathering in puddles on a surface. That decreases water run-off as well as guarantees the surface is resistant to slips and that it meets our top notch criteria as our high safety standards.


A resin bound surface is extremely hard-wearing and can keep up the shiny look for many years and only requires a small amount of upkeep. It holds up to both light traffic from vehicles and people walking on it as well as resists cracks, frost damage and weeds. 

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